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Holly Spellman, New LPGA Girls Golf Site Director for Northern NM

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

When girls play golf, they win!

Holly was recently appointed as the LPGA Girls Golf Site Director for Northern New Mexico. She's teaming up with the established LPGA Girls Golf program to create and promote golf opportunities for girls in Santa Fe and other local communities. As the local Site Director for LPGA Girls Golf, Holly will have access to golf teaching resources, golf equipment and other support to build a strong program. Her goal: to get more of our local girls golfing!

LPGA Girls Golf is expert in taking girls from beginner to advanced golfers, but they also specialize in creating experiences that show girls just how much fun - and how  beneficial - golf really is. A junior golf program active in over 500 communities across America, LPGA Girls Golf helps empower all girls with confidence and teaches them valuable life skills.

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